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                甄 瑞《Bullying Victimization and Adolescents’ Social Anxiety: Roles of Shame and Self-Esteem》

                來源 : 學科辦     作者 : 甄 瑞     時間 : 2021-04-09點擊量64

                Abstract:The present study aimed to explore the mechanisms underlying the association between bullying victimization and social anxiety. A total of 4790 Chinese high school students were administered four scales, including the Delaware bullying victimization scale, a trauma-related shame inventory, a social anxiety scale, and a self-esteem scale. The results showed that bullying victimization was directly and positively associated with social anxiety. In addition, the positive association between bullying victimization and social anxiety was mediated by shame and self-esteem, respectively. Bullying victimization was also related to social anxiety through shame via self-esteem. These findings suggested that shame and self-esteem have important mediating effects in the relation between bullying victimization and social anxiety. More attention should be paid to addressing adolescents’ negative emotions and self-evaluation after being bullied.

                Keywords:Bullying victimization,Social anxiety,Shame,Self-esteem

                Published journal:Child Indicators Research(SSCI)published in April 2021

                附件:Bullying Victimization and Adolescents’ Social Anxiety Roles of Shame and Self-Esteem

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