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                School of International Studies

                A Brief Introduction of School of International Studies, HZNU

                來源 : 億校雲     作者 : 億校雲     時間 : 2020-04-12點擊量38


                One of the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province, the School of International Studies has run its undergraduate programs since 1979, and the postgraduate programs began in 2002.

                School of International Studies aims at cultivating students of foreign language competence and inter-cultural communication competence, who enjoy wide vision and good taste. Currently 1149 students are registered in our undergraduate programs and 158 students in the postgraduate programs. The past few years have witnessed our students win many prizes in various high-level English and Japanese contests: first prizes in University Students English Speaking Contest of Zhejiang Province, Twenty-first Century Cup English Speaking Contest, China Cup Japanese Speaking Contest, Casio Cup Japanese Speaking Contest for Universities in Hangzhou, Mitsui Cup Japanese Writing Contest in Zhejiang Province, etc. In addition, our students have won numerous first prizes in such provincial contests as professional career design and extracurricular academic works. Every year our students are admitted to MA programs by such prestigious international institutes as University of Pennsylvania, New York University, University College of London, University of Melbourne, the University of Hong Kong as well as top Chinese universities like Beijing University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University, etc.  

                Meanwhile the School of International Studies are responsible for in-service teacher trainings. We are carrying out the Training Program for Junior High School English Teacher, as a part of the National Training Project for Primary and Secondly School Teachers co-sponsored by the Education and Financial Ministries; we are also conducting a Training Program for Leading English Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools, as a part of the Provincial Training Project for Primary and Secondary School Teachers; another important job we are currently undertaking is the Professional Development Training Program for Primary and Secondary School English Teachers of Zhejiang Province.

                Tel: 0571-28865012 Email: 0571-28865582  Add: 2318 yuhangtang Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
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